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Benefit of Installing 

Patio Cover For Your Home

If you love nature and being outdoor often, you would love to have a big and long-lasting patio cover for your house back yard.

Here are a few of our patio cover products

1. Aluminum V-Panel Roof

 An aluminum v-panel roof from Bowen Aluminum  provide you with a fully enclose environment with no glass roof, reducing sunlight and heat from the sun. This type of patio is perfect for sunny and hot weather where there are alot of sunlight being expose.

2. Glass Panel Cover

A glass roof patio cover from Bowen Aluminum provide you with awesome natural sunlight from the environment, not only that, it look great in most modern houses 

3. Aluminum Cover with Skylight

Aluminum cover with skylight  provide you with enough sunlight but not too much, with it half v-panel and half glass roof design, it is perfect for people who want a shelter that have sunlight but also a part where it can cover up the humidity from the sun.

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4. Pergola Glass Cover

Pergola style patio cover is an unique design patio for modern homes, it adds another level of elegant and stylish feel to your home. With it glass panel from Bowen Aluminum and a sturdy rigid aluminum body, it is perfect for any modern buildings and homes.

5. Pyramid / A shaped Cover

A patio cover shaped into pyramid form create a shelter that blends in with average pyramid style roof homes. It can be made with both glass and aluminum panel which will looks great no matter which material you choose to build.

6. Free Standing Cover

A high-quality free standing cover from Bowen Aluminum is a must have if you want to build a shelter for your bbq area or for your backyard. It stand completely free from the wall of the house which make the cover a stand alone piece. Build with the highest quality of glass and aluminum, this patio cover is a nice implementation for your backyard housing.

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